Will staff need to relocate?

Yes, it is expected that all staff in the Coombs Building will need to relocate to temporary working space at least once throughout the life of the Project.

Who will need to relocate?

Staff in the South Hexagon were the first staff to relocate as part of Stage 1 in June 2018. This included staff in:

  • Office of the Dean
  • Communications, Engagement and Marketing team
  • Education Services team
  • Finance team
  • Human Resources team
  • Research Services team
  • Facilities Services team
  • Arndt-Corden Department of Economics
  • Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language
  • Department of Pacific Affairs
  • School of Culture, History and Language

As part of Stage 2, staff in the Centre Hexagon will be required to relocate in July–August 2019. This is expected to include staff in the following teams:

  • Centre for Excellence for the Dynamics of Language
  • Department of Pacific Affairs
  • School of Culture, History and Language
  • Indonesia Project
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences

Details of relocations for Stage 3 are yet to be determined. 

When will we know what offices we are moving into and how will office space be allocated?

The Coombs building space allocation protocols are available here.

Will I get help relocating?

A team of removalists will relocate you to your new working space. They can also help you move boxes into storage. If needed, the Facilities Services team can be available to help you move boxes home (noting staff will only be offered a single trip home).

Packing boxes will be dropped off by a member of the Facilities and Services team in the corridors of the areas that need to be relocated in the weeks leading up to the move. If you have a large number of items in your office you can ask the Facilities Services team for additional boxes.

All staff will be provided with a number of boxes. It is expected staff will pack their own boxes. Separate your items into boxes to take to your temporary working space, boxes to store and boxes to take home. Ensure you clearly mark each box with your name and where the box is going. You should pack everything in your office except your computer, phone and furniture.

Where will staff be relocated to and for how long will they be located in a temporary working space?

Staff will be relocated to alternative working spaces across the College. This will include single offices, shared offices and open plan spaces. These spaces may be in existing buildings or in demountable buildings.

Depending on where staff are relocated from and to will impact how long they will be relocated for. Staff in the South Hexagon are expected to be relocated for 12 – 24 months. Staff in the Centre Hexagon are expected to be relocated for 12 months. Some staff may also be relocated multiple times throughout the project.

Do I get to choose my temporary working space?

Staff will not be able to choose their temporary working space. Staff will be relocated based on their team size and function as well as the stage of construction. All staff relocations have been planned carefully by School Managers and the Facilities Services team to minimise disruption.

Will staff return to their original working space once the Project is completed?

Due to changes happening across the College as part of the refurbishment, staff should not assume they will return to their original working space.

If I leave boxes in storage can I still access them?

Yes, boxes that are stored in the Coombs Building during the refurbishment can be accessed however staff must provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice to the Facilities Services team.

Will the heritage furniture be reused?

Yes, heritage furniture will be refurbished and reused in key areas throughout the refurbished building.

What furniture will be supplied?

Furniture will be allocated in line with the space allocation principles.


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