Will the locations of emergency exits be affected by the refurbishment?

Some emergency exits will be affected. The Facilities Services team are working closely with the contracted builders to identify alternative emergency exits and ensure there are sufficient exits located throughout the Coombs Building for the duration of the Project. 

Where will the College Student Centre be located during the refurbishment?

During Stage 1 and 2 of the Project, the Student Centre will be located in a demountable building in front of the tennis courts between the Menzies Library and the Australian Centre on China in the World. The location for Stage 3 is yet to be confirmed.

Will parking space be affected by the refurbishment?

It is expected that there will be some minor changes to parking space during the refurbishment. The Facilities Services team will manage this carefully to ensure minimal disruption to staff.

Where will the mailroom be?

The mailroom will be relocated as part of Stage 2 to outside the Facilities Services office in the basement of the Coombs Building.

Will a family room still be available?

Once staff from the Centre Hexagon are relocated as part of Stage 2 the family room in the Coombs Building will no longer be available. It is expected to be made available for use again at the end of Stage 3.

How do I let people know I have relocated?

The College will provide information to staff and students about temporary relocations. Signage will also be visible around the Coombs Building and the University directory will be updated. You should inform your own professional and personal networks of your relocation.

Do I need to update by building access card when I am relocated?

No, you do not need to update your building access card. The Facilities Services team will work closely with School Managers to ensure you have the access you require.

Will my phone number change when I am relocated?

No, your phone number will not change.


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